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Ann Gordon (Dr. Ann)

Ann is a teacher, editor, writer, consultant, webmaster and avid student of metaphysical philosophy. Born and raised in Utah, she earned her Bachelor's degree in English and her Master's degree in Computer Information Systems. She has worked as a classroom teacher, computer instructor, editor, technical writer, and instructional designer. She has created over twelve websites and two blogs and has published articles and stories in magazines and books, has co-authored several books, and is currently working on more writing projects.

In 1988 Ann began studying metaphysics in earnest and has studied metaphysics and the Law of Attraction every day since. In 1990, she started editing and digitizing all of the courses and catalogs for The College of Divine Metaphysics. She rewrote the Metaphysical Perspective of Raising Children course and the History of Metaphysics study. In 2000, she built this website to help spread the word about the school and started offering courses through email. In 2003, Ann became the Advisor and Vice-President of the school, and in 2006 she became the Director of the Online Division. In 2018, when Dr Joe passed away, Ann became the new President of the school. She lives in Utah, where she works as a trainer, writer and editor (PO Box 801, Price UT 84501).

Joseph A. Garduno (Dr. Joe)

Joseph A. Garduno was born and raised in Arroyo Hondo, New Mexico, which is near Taos. Before he passed away in January 2018, he had been the president and general director of The College of Divine Metaphysics for forty years. He was an ordained minister, a paramilitary chaplain, and a published author.

Dr. Joe and his family lived in Glendora, California for over forty years, where he worked as a civil engineer. He has an extensive background in philosophy and psychology and is a graduate of the National College of Chaplains, an institution that includes members of every denomination in the Armed forces. He served as the California State Commander for military Chaplains in the state, where he held the rank of Major General. When Dr. Joe retired, he and his wife Rosie moved back to New Mexico, near Taos.

Dr. Joe wrote numerous books, including:
  Arroyo Hondo, a story about his home town
  Museum for a President - JFK
  A Spiritual Journey to the Land of Enchantment, a book about the concept of God
  Memories of the Sangre deCristo Mountains, a story about New Mexico
  Moe, a true story about a smart chimpanzee

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