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Course Description

Practical Metaphysics presents the basic principles of Metaphysical Truth (or Spiritual Truth). These teachings are so deeply grounded in the fundamentals of spiritual philosophy that they cannot be shaken by the storms of life or the crises of nations. This study engages and holds the attention of the reader.

It is recommended that students beginning their study take the Practical Metaphysics course first. This course presents the fundamental principles of metaphysics, both as a starting point and a guide for further study and unfoldment.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1    Fundamental Principles
Lesson 2    The Silence
Lesson 3    Prayer
Lesson 4    Intuition versus the Hunch
Lesson 5    Guidance
Lesson 6    How to Solve Our Problems
Lesson 7    The Right Answer
Lesson 8    Unseen Power -- Its Influence and Importance
Lesson 9    The Truth of Being
Lesson 10   Consciousness of the Truth
Lesson 11   God, or Universal Mind
Lesson 12   Man's Unity with God
Lesson 13   Man's Consciousness of Unity with the Divine
Lesson 14   The Right Mental Attitude
Lesson 15   The Principles Involved in Practicing Metaphysics
Lesson 16   Three Steps in Practicing Metaphysics
Lesson 17   "Be ye doers of the Word"
Lesson 18   Results to be Obtained
Lesson 19   Results to be Obtained (continued)
Lesson 20   Man's Supply
Lesson 21   Stability of Thought
Lesson 22   The Value of Knowledge
Lesson 23   Creative Mind
Lesson 24   Man's Power
Lesson 25   The Object of Existence
Lesson 26   How to Correct Evils
Lesson 27   The Quality of Service
Lesson 28   Faithfulness to One’s Work
Lesson 29   Cell Vibration
Lesson 30   Natural Law and How It Works

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                  Course originally prepared by: Dr William H. Woodfin
                  Course typeset and edited by: Dr Ann Gordon

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