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Course Description

After years of close study of the Bible and other religious works, Dr Douglass was able to give to the world this spiritual interpretation of the Scriptures. The Bible is a wonderful book, which contains Truth necessary to man’s development.

However, because of the allegorical and symbolic character of many chapters, it can be difficult to understand unless approached from the spiritual point of view. This interpretation in no way lessens or takes from the value of any other interpretation; it is simply another and very important aid in leading to a better understanding of this book of Books. All inquiring minds, whether among laymen or clergy, will appreciate this contribution to metaphysical education.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1      The Evolution of Reason and Judgment
Lesson 2      Reason and Intuition
Lesson 3      The Elohistic Account: A Spiritual Creation
Lesson 4      The Jehovistic Account
Lesson 5      Our Garden of Eden
Lesson 6      The Divine Feminine Within
Lesson 7      The Serpent of Wisdom
Lesson 8      Cain and Abel -- Cain’s Genealogy
Lesson 9      Seth: The ‘Seed of the Woman’
Lesson 10    Seth’s Genealogy to Noah, The Flood & Ark Mysticism
Lesson 11    The Flood Fulfilled in Ourselves
Lesson 12    The Ark and God’s Covenant with Noah
Lesson 13    Noah’s Spiritual Vineyard and Mystical Intoxication
Lesson 14    Metaphysical Rainbow: God’s Covenant of Peace
Lesson 15    Generations of Noah’s Sons
Lesson 16    The Second Generation of Japheth’s Sons
Lesson 17    The Fourth Generation of Noah
Lesson 18    Ham and His Generations
Lesson 19    Shem’s Exalted Position
Lesson 20    Descendants of Shem
Lesson 21    Tower of Babel
Lesson 22    The Earth Divided in Peleg
Lesson 23    Abraham
Lesson 24    Abraham and Lot
Lesson 25    Lot: The Prodigal
Lesson 26    Birth of Christ
Lesson 27    Christ Among the Doctors
Lesson 28    Wilderness, Mission and Temptation
Lesson 29    Christ Calling His Twelve Disciples
Lesson 30    Message of the Christ
Lesson 31    Two Decalogues Of Moses and Of Jesus
Lesson 32    ‘Third Day’ of the Christ Unfoldment
Lesson 33    Woman of Samaria, Christ’s Message to Outcasts & Healing at Bethesda
Lesson 34    Woman Taken in Adultery, Healed by True Thinking
Lesson 35    Raising of Lazarus
Lesson 36    Gethsemane
Lesson 37    The Fulfillment
Lesson 38    The Crucifixion, part 1
Lesson 39    The Crucifixion, part 2
Lesson 40    The Crucifixion, part 3
Lesson 41    The Resurrection of Jesus, part 1
Lesson 42    The Resurrection of Jesus, part 2
Lessons 43-44   The Resurrection Body & The Ascension of Jesus
Lesson 45    'The Parousia' or The Second Advent of Christ
Lesson 46    The Seven Churches of Asia
Lesson 47    The Mysticism of Job, part 1
Lesson 48    The Mysticism of Job, part 2
Lesson 49    The Mysticism of Job, part 3
Lesson 50    The Mysticism of Job, part 4
Lesson 51    The Sacred Doctrine of Good and Evil, part 1
Lesson 52    The Sacred Doctrine of Good and Evil, part 2
Lesson 53    The Sacred Doctrine of Good and Evil, part 3

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            Course originally prepared by:  Dr R. C. Douglass & Dr Joseph Perry Green
            Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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