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Course Description

This course was created for ministers and those who are preparing themselves to be ministers and leaders in the Church. It contains complete instructions for organizing a Church, along with methods and suggestions for the administration of Church affairs.

Illustrative constitution and by-laws are included, together with a complete ritual for special Church services. Preparation of the lecture or sermon is discussed with suggested methods for presentation. One lesson is devoted to public relations, including how to bring the new Church to the attention of the public and the relationship that a Church should have with the community.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1     Introduction to the Church of Divine Metaphysics
Lesson 2     The Purpose of the Church
Lesson 3     Organizing a Branch Church
Lesson 4     By-Laws for the Branch Church
Lesson 5     The Question of Incorporation
Lesson 6     The Ritual
Lesson 7     The Ritual (continued)
Lesson 8     Principles of Church Administration
Lesson 9     The Subject to be Discussed and the Title
Lesson 10    Lecture Introduction and Outline
Lesson 11    The Lecture
Lesson 12    Preparation of the Lecture
Lesson 13    Speaking Technique
Lesson 14    Public Relations
Lesson 15    Conclusion

Examination Questions

          Course originally prepared by: Dr Ruth M Hurley & Dr Eric Daenaecke
          Course revised by: Dr Joseph A. Garduno

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