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Summary Course Assignment

Course Description

Summary Course Assignment includes one or more reading and writing assignments which are different for each student. Some of the assignments include writing and audio files that are posted online, and other assignments include books and exam questions sent by the director.

In the Onlne Division, the Summary Course Assignment replaces the Self-Diagnosis courses, which were quite outdated and did not reflect the metaphysical teaching upon which the school wants to focus.

Student Feedback about this Course

Hello Ann,
Wow you certainly put a package together for me!! I am thoroughly enjoying all the materials you sent me. Thank you so much! Each one builds on the next and reenforces my studies. Wounderful.

Dr. Ann:
Thank you! When I initially thought about what might be in the summary course, I felt overwhelmed. But after receiving the materials, I am becoming engrossed in them. I'm very grateful that you added all of this positive information to the course....Thank you!

Dear Ann,
These are such great materials, how gracious of you to send them all! I will learn from them and treasure them for a long time to come. This will be an enjoyable assignment. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Ann,
The "exam" to the Summary Course Assignment is attached. I must say, the course packed more of a "wallop" than any other class, and that's saying something! I can safely say the materials in this course changed my life! Many blessings.

          Course prepared by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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