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Course Description

Spiritual healing occupies such an important place in the study of metaphysics that no metaphysical program would be complete without an extensive treatment of this subject. All metaphysical teachers and leaders should know something about Metaphysical Healing and be able to practice the basic precepts in connection with their other work. Many people who have natural talent for healing will benefit from this study of spiritual healing techniques.

This course deals with the subject of healing in a comprehensive way and the principles for bringing this power into manifestation are explained.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1       What is Health?
Lesson 2       What is Mind?
Lesson 3       Metaphysical Healing
Lesson 4       General Rules for a Metaphysical Treatment
Lesson 5       The Law of Absent Treatment
Lesson 6       The Three Planes of Mind
Lesson 7       Affirmation and Denial
Lesson 8       The Re-Education of the Subconscious Mind
Lesson 9       Subconscious Habit and Inheritance
Lesson 10     Subconscious Error
Lesson 11     Rapid Healing Through the Use of Emotions
Lesson 12     Mental Chemistry
Lesson 13     Mental Surgery
Lesson 14     The Perfect Christ Body
Lesson 15     The Inmost Spiritual Breath
Lesson 16     Take Up Your Bed and Walk
Lesson 17     How to Awaken the Unconscious
Lesson 18     Watch--Pray--Watch
Lesson 19     True Realization
Lesson 20     Be Healed

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          Course originally written and edited by:  Dr Joseph Perry Green & Dr Henry A. Carns
          Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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