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Course Description

This course offers a History of Religion from the earliest known periods up to Christianity. The course offers comparisons of various belief systems, including some of the groups often referred to as 'cults'. The subject is treated from a broad-minded point of view in an effort to look for the basic truth upon which each religion was founded and to note the similarities and differences among them. An understanding of the older religions offers the student a better comprehension of Modern Thought.

Knowledge of religious history helps the student gain consciousness of the Universality of all Truth. Understanding of other religious beliefs fosters a better understanding of other individuals, nations and races.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1       Introduction
Lesson 2       Aryan Period and Early Prophets
Lesson 3       Intermediate Religions
Lesson 4       Ancient Hebrew and Judaism
Lesson 5       Mohammedanism
Lesson 6       Zoroasterianism
Lesson 7       Vedic Religion
Lesson 8       Buddhism and Jainism
Lesson 9       Hinduism
Lesson 10     Religions of China
Lesson 11     Religions of Japan
Lesson 12     Greece and Rome
Lesson 13     Christianity
Lesson 14     Modern Movements
Lesson 15     Comparison

Examination Questions







              Course originally prepared by:  Dr Mary Whitaker
              Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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