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Course Description

This course in Biblical Literature is more than just a study of the Bible as literature. It is also a course in Biblical history, for it is difficult to study any people's literature without taking their history into consideration.

In discussing the literary value of the different sections of the Bible, Dr. Pond illustrates in how a particular form or expression was an outgrowth of the events of that period. This course offers the student a better understanding of the Bible from various points of view and holds the reader’s attention like a good book.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1      The Books of Amos and Hosea
Lesson 2      Micah and Isaiah
Lesson 3      Isaiah (continued)
Lesson 4      Other Pre-Exilic Writers
Lesson 5      Ezekiel
Lesson 6      Genesis and Other Books of the Pentateuch
Lesson 7      The Pentateuch (continued)
Lesson 8      The Prophet of the Exile
Lesson 9      The Psalms
Lesson 10     How the Psalter Came to Be
Lesson 11     The Psalms of Reflection
Lesson 12     The Psalms of Thanksgiving
Lesson 13     The Historical Psalms
Lesson 14     The Penitential Psalms
Lesson 15     The Post-Exilic Literature--The Book of Ruth
Lesson 16     The Book of Jonah
Lesson 17     The Book of Job
Lesson 18     The Book of Job (continued)
Lesson 19     The Book of Job (continued)
Lesson 20     The Book of Job (concluded)
Lesson 21     "The Suffering Servant" Isaiah 40-66
Lesson 22     "The Suffering Servant" Isaiah (continued)
Lesson 23     The Book of Daniel
Lesson 24     The Book of Esther
Lesson 25     Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi
Lesson 26     Habakkuk, Lamentations & anonymous chapters
Lesson 27     Song of Songs I
Lesson 28     Song of Songs II
Lesson 29     Ecclesiastes

Examination Questions











              Course originally prepared by:  Dr Evarts Wilson Pond
              Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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