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Course Description

This course is not about business efficiency, but is an exposition of the psychology that leads to success in business. This subject properly belongs in a metaphysical study, for it shows how the correct application of spiritual laws can lead to success on every plane. Note that several lessons have been devoted to understanding The Silence, Intuition, The Master Man, and Self-Faith. This teaching stresses the relationship between man's inner and outer experiences.

Each lesson begins with Silence Thoughts along with suggestions for reaping the greatest benefit from the course.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1       The Law of the Universe
Lesson 2       Material Success
Lesson 3       Unswerving Perseverance
Lesson 4       Concentration
Lesson 5       The Silence
Lesson 6       The Silence (continued)
Lesson 7       Knowledge and Understanding
Lesson 8       Fundamentals of Self-Faith
Lesson 9       Fundamentals of Self-Faith (continued)
Lesson 10     Memory
Lesson 11     The Development of a Powerful Mind
Lesson 12     Initiative, Ideals and Practical Methods (Part 1)
Lesson 13     Initiative, Ideals and Practical Methods (Part 2)
Lesson 14     Initiative, Ideals and Practical Methods (Part 3)
Lesson 15     Self-Appreciation and Self-Faith
Lesson 16     Judicious Advertising
Lesson 17     Intuition (Part 1)
Lesson 18     Intuition (Part 2)
Lesson 19     Intuition (Part 3)
Lesson 20     Intuition (Part 4)
Lesson 21     The Master Man (Part 1)
Lesson 22     The Master Man (Part 2)
Lesson 23     Demonstration of Sales
Lesson 24     Demonstration of Positions and Tenants
Lesson 25     The Metaphysical Truth about Money
Lesson 26     The Money Consciousness
Lesson 27     The Enlarged Money Consciousness
Lesson 28     The Right Use of Wealth

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                Course originally written by:  Dr Joseph Perry Green
                Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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