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Course Description

This course was developed after years of study, analysis, and observation. It is both a scientific and a practical course on the Psychology of Child Culture, offered from a metaphysical perspective. There may be nothing of greater importance to a society than a thorough understanding of the pre-natal and post-natal influence that parents have on the mind of the child.

Everyone should have a chance to read the information offered in this course. For the benefit of future generations, we hope that many parents (and prospective parents) avail themselves of this study and then teach these lessons to others.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1       Introduction
Lesson 2       Outline of Study
Lesson 3       The Physical Aspect
Lesson 4       Mental Culture
Lesson 5       Mental Culture (continued)
Lesson 6       The Application of Right Thinking
Lesson 7       Ideals for the Child
Lesson 8       Ideals for the Child (continued)
Lesson 9       Hereditary Influence
Lesson 10     The Father’s Influence
Lesson 11     The Natal Day
Lesson 12     The First Reaction of the Child
Lesson 13     Care of the Newborn Child
Lesson 14     Early Care of the Child
Lesson 15     Feeding the Child
Lesson 16     The Importance of Solitude
Lesson 17     The Power of Words in Early Training of the Child
Lesson 18     Early Sowing and Reaping
Lesson 19     Answering the Child’s Questions
Lesson 20     Sex Education
Lesson 21     Questions Pertaining to Death
Lesson 22     Overcoming Fear
Lesson 23     The Child’s Health
Lesson 24     Punishment
Lesson 25     Changing the Habits of the Child
Lesson 26     Training the Child to Think
Lesson 27     The Transition Stage
Lesson 28     Developing Responsibility
Lesson 29     Developing Genius
Lesson 30     Balancing Responsibility

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                Course originally prepared by:  Dr William H. Woodfin
                Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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