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Metaphysics is the systematic study or science of the first principles of being and of knowledge, the reasoned doctrine of the essential nature and fundamental relations of all that is real. It was first applied to Aristotle's writings by Andronicus of Rhodes, the editor of Aristotle’s works. Aristotle wrote of the essence of being and the categories of cause and of the existence of God.

As we understand the word and use it in our educational work, Metaphysical means "that which is beyond the material or physical" and deals with the study of the laws of being, the Universal Laws, and their practical application to life and affairs.

page turning book History shows that mankind has made advancement along material lines exactly in proportion as he has made mental progress. No one is larger in any way than the action of his or her mind. Mind action has everything to do with a person's health, finances, environment, and affairs.

Metaphysical Law
Our existence on this earth plane is not dependent upon material things, but is dependent upon metaphysical law. Progress and inventions are the result of thought. Some claim that progress is the outgrowth of the soul, but soul is mind; therefore, creative thought must precede the translation of ecstatic feeling into art, writing, business, research and other creations.

The same Universal Mind which inspires one person to write beautiful poems leads another person to outstanding success in business, finance or education. All wisdom and power reside in Universal Mind, and through our inner consciousness, we each take from the universal that with which our mind correlates; that is, we take from Universal Mind that which is nearest like what we are in thought and feeling.

In other words, we tune in on our own wave length. No mistake is made; that which comes to us out of the universal comes because we attract it with our thoughts and feelings.

Out of this deeper phase of mind comes all inspiration, whether it leads to writing a powerful book, painting an exquisite picture, launching a great invention, success in the business world, or victory in a right and just cause. Man's marvelous and remarkable achievements result from the outpouring of thought from the inexhaustible fountainhead of Universal Mind.

College Mission
The purpose of the College of Divine Metaphysics is to assist its students in the development of their higher consciousness. In our lessons we do not attempt to teach the truth of spiritual law, but we do attempt to help people to attain a place where, degree by degree, they are able to understand the spiritual or metaphysical law for themselves in their own way, commensurate with their plane of soul understanding.

Our school is concerned with causes rather than effects, demonstrations rather than theories, the practical rather than the abstract. The laws and principles taught by the College of Divine Metaphysics avoid theory, speculation and abstractions; we confine our teaching to the operation of natural laws. Our teaching is a plain, simple statement of the mighty law that underlies and correlates all life. It teaches how to compel effects by controlling causes. Our school offers the "open sesame" by which one may enter all the doors of success by controlling the causes of success.

These courses are comprehensive and yet easy to master. The knowledge gained in this study is not only valuable to the individual, but also prepares students for greater service to humanity. The success of the College depends upon the development and efficiency of its studentbody. Therefore, there is one great thought involved, and that is to help someone help himself. True self-help brings great good to the individual as well as to all with whom he or she comes in contact.

Our teachings are free from empty theories, dogma, and impractical ideas. Definite instructions, suggestions, hints, vital helps and exercises are provided, which, if followed, will foster within the student a consciousness of the Truth. In turn, this realization will manifest as harmony and prosperity in the student's life and affairs.

Creative Power
Creative power is the ability to bring into manifestation things that had not previously manifested in the objective (material) world. Therefore, creative power is the greatest power of all. It is reserve power, the kind of power which can be brought into use when all other power fails; the kind of power needed in emergencies, in times of stress, and when everything seems to be going to pieces. This reserve power is to the individual exactly what the surplus or money reserve is to a great financial institution.

A simple knowledge of the ability of the individual to create conditions for himself will unerringly and inevitably open up a wonderful vista of possibilities, broaden the outlook of life, and show how effort to accomplish may be rewarded with certainty.

People who take our courses gain a glimpse of the bigger picture, of a larger possible life, along with an aroused ambition to reach for it. Those who go through our studies feel a new courage, a new impulse, a new determination to do something infinitely greater than formerly realized.

Universal Principles
No one can conscientiously go through these studies without experiencing a spiritual rejuvenation. The student of religion, the psychologist, the physicist, the chemist, the electrician, the physician, the attorney, the author, the financier, the economist, and anyone who has problems for which they have not found a solution, will find our courses to be of great value.

Whatever situation finds a place in the human experience is the result of the operation of natural laws, and the determining factors are within each person’s control. This may seem "too good to be true," but consider recent scientific inventions that have placed almost infinite resources at the disposal of man; it is obvious that there must be still other laws, ones not generally known, which contain even greater possibilities. You want to realize your hopes, you want your dreams to come true. They can. They will. The power rests with you. But mere talk, words, hopes and resolutions are of no avail unless you learn to put METHOD behind them. Thought is the seed, action is the blossom, and experience is the fruit.

Life is governed by law, by actual changeless principles that never vary. Law is in operation at all times, in all places, in all experiences. Therefore, an understanding of these laws is of paramount importance. There is no problem in life that cannot be solved by the application of these natural laws. We believe the most important field of study is that of Metaphysics, which describes the immutable universal laws and their application to life's problems.

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