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Course Description

Dr Case, a graduate of the Chicago Divinity School, brought to this course his intense desire to know the Truth for himself. After years of study, research and investigation in many channels, he wrote this study for the benefit of other inquiring souls.

Dr Case hopes that as we understand the deeper meanings behind Jesus's teachings, we will discover the answer to our desire for greater abundance, better health, and deeper understanding. As we study his methods and techniques, we marvel in their simplicity and learn the value of faith.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1       Introduction
Lesson 2       The Land Where Jesus Lived
Lesson 3       The Infancy Stories
Lesson 4       The Youth and Training of Jesus
Lesson 5       The Baptism of Jesus
Lesson 6       The Temptations
Lesson 7       Jesus Starts His Mission
Lesson 8       Choosing the Disciples
Lesson 9       Jesus Performs ‘Miracles’
Lesson 10     The First Preaching Tour
Lesson 11     Jesus Incurs More Opposition
Lesson 12     The Sermon on the Mount
Lesson 13     The Parables
Lesson 14     The Power of Faith
Lesson 15     Casting Out Fear
Lesson 16     The Women in Jesus’ Group
Lesson 17     The Work Grows and Spreads
Lesson 18     Jew or Gentile
Lesson 19     Jesus, Son of God
Lesson 20     The Transfiguration
Lesson 21     Questions of Social Significance
Lesson 22     The Trip to Jerusalem
Lesson 23     The Triumphal Entry
Lesson 24     Cleansing the Temple
Lesson 25     Arguments in the Temple
Lesson 26     The Die is Cast
Lesson 27     The Last Evening Together
Lesson 28     The Trials
Lesson 29     The Crucifixion
Lesson 30     The Resurrection

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              Course originally prepared by:  Dr Ruth M. Hurley
              Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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