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Course Description

This course attempts to unfold the Real Self to the student. The Real Self connects each individual with Universal Life and Power, enabling the person to manifest that power in his or her own life. This is a practice course, and these practices are designed to get results.

These thirty lessons do not contain lengthy discussions of psychological principles or vague terms on the power of the mind. Instead, each lesson is expressed in clear, concise language and contains a definite work for the student to accomplish. Students are led step-by-step through the various stages of their unfoldment, until they gain a working knowledge of how to make further progress in understanding themselves and their purpose in life.

Course Lessons

Lesson 1       The Kingdom Within
Lesson 2       Thinking
Lesson 3       Meditation
Lesson 4       Living in the Present Tense
Lesson 5       Self-Appreciation and Power
Lesson 6       Self-Condemnation
Lesson 7       Expression versus Repression
Lesson 8       Self-Dependence
Lesson 9       Individualization
Lesson 10     Emotional Control
Lesson 11     The Law of Non-Resistance
Lesson 12     The Law of Giving
Lesson 13     Faith
Lesson 14     Enthusiasm
Lesson 15     Love
Lesson 16     One’s Place in Life
Lesson 17     Your Purpose in Life
Lesson 18     The Larger Service
Lesson 19     The Word
Lesson 20     Sowing and Reaping
Lesson 21     Peace
Lesson 22     Health
Lesson 23     Happiness
Lesson 24     Prosperity Consciousness
Lesson 25     Success
Lesson 26     Wisdom
Lesson 27     Insight
Lesson 28     Inspiration
Lesson 29     Christ Consciousness
Lesson 30     Perfection

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                  Course originally prepared by:  Dr Ruth M. Hurley
                  Course typeset and edited by:  Dr Ann Gordon

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